Pirates of the Caribbean 4 theme make-up fun treasure hunt

The entire collection consists of five pieces, from eye shadows to lipsticks to sprays, all of which are packed with a rich ocean and pirate atmosphere.

The Treasure Map is printed with a cool nautical pattern on the package. The eye shadow and lipstick combination is a shell package. It reminds us of the deep sea of ​​the Caribbean and has the pleasure of treasure hunt. This set of products will be launched in April this year in conjunction with film promotion.

The Treasure Map Makeup Dish

The package features a cool nautical pattern with 9-color eyeshadow, 3-color lipstick, 3-color eyeliner and 3-color blush.

Antique GOLden Shells Makeup Dish

Does shell shape give you the urge to explore the mysteries of the deep sea? For the eyes and lips, half of the set is eye shadow, the other half is lipstick, two colors are available.

Iced Teas Lip Balm

A lipstick inspired by the Caribbean style, three colors, a cute texture like gel.

Mermaid Mist Mermaid Spray

Contains jojoba oil, aloe vera and vitamins, it can be used to moisturize the face and enhance the luster. It can also be used as a base cream. Available in champagne and dark colors, it has a tan effect.

Coffee Spoon

Coffee Spoon,Coffee Scoop,Metal Coffee Spoon,Gold Coffee Scoop

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