Glass bottles for storing foods

Sugar: Sugar is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, easily absorbs moisture, and causes agglomeration. Therefore, sugar should be placed in glass bottles or pottery, and it must be sealed. Sugar has an adsorption effect on odors. Therefore, it should not be put together with articles with strong odors to avoid odor.

Salt: Store the salt in a clean glass bottle. Iodized salt should be particularly noted that when exposed to heat, moisture, wind, and the sun will make iodine volatilize. Therefore, iodized salt should be placed in covered glass bottles and cans.

Soy sauce: Soy sauce contains nutrients and microorganisms are prone to grow. Especially on hot days, a white film forms on the surface of soy sauce. This is caused by the contamination of soy sauce by dirty containers and dust. Therefore, buying soy sauce in the summer can make a few drops of cooking oil on the surface of soy sauce, separated from the air, making it difficult for bacteria to grow; it is also possible to put several peeled garlic in soy sauce to prevent deterioration of soy sauce.

Vegetable oil: Do not use plastic barrels and metal containers for oil-filled bottles. Ceramic containers or deep-colored glass bottles can be used. Before washing the oil, the container is washed, wiped, sealed with oil, and stored in a dry, dark place to reduce the chance of contact with air, light, and high temperatures. For longer storage, antioxidant vitamin E can be added. Add one tablet of Vitamin E per 500 grams of edible oil (pull the pellet into the oil) and shake well. In addition, used mature oil should not be mixed with raw oil.

  The manufacture and production of Plastic Jewelry Boxes originated from the invention of jewels. The plastic jewelry boxes generally use a multi-spaced design to prevent scratches caused by friction between jewelry pieces. The role of plastic Jewelry Box is generally the storage of jewelry, for different types of jewelry, the internal structure of the plastic jewelry box is not the same. 

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Plastic Jewelry Boxes

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