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Children's safe packaging is more complex and cost-intensive than ordinary packaging structures. Generally, there are the following types: First, the pressure-twisted bottle cap, which is a composite bottle cap, is completed by simultaneous pressing and twisting; Another way is to open the bottle cap: This is also the more popular child protection bottle cap. When using it, the bottle cap is required to align with the mark (arrow) on the bottle, and then the bottle cap's lug is opened at the bottle flange gap. , Open the package; blister package is to prevent children from opening the ordinary blister package, requiring to tear the back of the paste from the corner of the paper, or force the contents out from the back; there is a bottle to pull the bottle cap The bottle cap seal is composed of two inwardly protruding tongues and an inner plug at the lower part of the outer bottle cap, and a certain amount of force is required to pull to overcome the friction between the inner stopper and the bottle mouth, and these movements are difficult for children to complete. It also prevents children from taking it wrong. There are also labyrinth caps that rely on intellectual skills, as well as single-dose anti-children packaging and bayonet-proof child bottles.

Also known as a Bar Strainer, a Cocktail Strainer is used to remove solid materials from the liquid. It`s typically used after a drink has been stirred or shaken to remove fruit, ice, or other solid materials that the bartender doesn`t want in the final cocktail. There are three basic types of cocktail strainers:Hawthorne Strainer,Hawthorne Strainer,Fine-Mesh Strainer.

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Bar Strainer

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