2011 You Lai beautiful new advocates new Yao debut

With the endless stream of various make-ups and the continuous updating and upgrading, the color of makeup is more and more abundant, and the functions are more and more. The heavy makeup is a sublimation of art, and the light makeup is an attitude. In daily life, the light makeup not only makes every woman look good, but also highlights the inherent temperament of women. Of course, embellished under the heavy makeup, it will be the only shining focus at the midnight party. Therefore, a unique make-up that complements each woman's own is especially important. "urara" is not only for everyone to talk about or exchange of makeup, but also for different groups of women, special only for their own unique make-up. "Huanyself" creates a makeup that is only suitable for you, and reflects your true self-character through careful self-dressing.

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In March 2011, the new makeup of the new Lai Yao debut ! In order to welcome the listing of new make-up products, we specially planned the “Youlai Beautiful New Proposition” activity. Welcome everyone to share their makeup and fashion matching ideas with other friends, so that everyone can gain their own strength.

Now, the “Beautiful New Proposition” activity of Youlai is in full swing. As long as you have something to say about the fashion makeup, upload your makeup feelings to the designated blog post and you will have the opportunity to be provided by the sub-brand “Yu Lai” of Shiseido, Japan. product. This event will be closed on February 28, 2011. During the period, not only will the awards be drawn every week, but also the number of prizes will be increased. In addition, there will be a summary award at the end of the event, and the prizes will be rich and valuable, including “urara yulai” eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss and other new makeup.

Amy's MMs, MM with flexible fingers and MM that can be said don't miss it~ Come join this event~~~

The event ended on the 28th of this month.

Activity cycle: three cycles

There is also a monthly lucky draw after the end of the three cycles!

For details, please refer to: Sina - Blog - Sina blog home search for the name "rain hit banana" blog, the blogger is "Mia." - Search for the title of "You Lai beautiful new award-winning event Cairo" to find out more about the event.

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