3-station plastic bottle molding machine welcomed by pharmaceutical bottle manufacturers

Injection blow molding machine is mainly used to process medical bottles of HDPE and PP raw materials. Small plastic medicine bottles molded with injection blow molding equipment are generally welcomed by pharmaceutical manufacturers for automatic blow molding machines. Due to the injection blow-molded bottle body during the molding process, the nozzle of the device can inject the bottle mouth, thus ensuring the precision of the bottle mouth; afterwards, the bottle body is blown by a mechanically-configured mandrel bar to ensure the plastic bottle body. The dimensional accuracy. Injection blow molded medical bottles can be processed using a 1-step 2-station or 3-station injection blow molding machine. Since the 2-station injection blow molding machine lacks a dedicated removal bottle and cooling station, it is difficult to achieve automatic counting and packaging, resulting in a production efficiency of less than 3 stations. Therefore, the application of more three-station machines in actual production. The three stations of the machine are distributed in an equilateral triangle with an angle of 120°. The first station is an injection molding station, the second station is a blow molding station, and the third station is a bottle removal and cooling station. The three stations can be operated at the same time. The production efficiency is high and the cycle is short. It can be automatically counted and packaged with the conveyor belt to truly realize the “no contact” with the manpower in the whole production process of the medicinal plastic bottle, thereby ensuring the product is hygienic and clean. Injection blow molding machines cannot form products with complex shapes, and the molded bottles have a small volume (usually 10 to 300 ml). However, due to the high smoothness of the bottle mouth of the injection blow molded bottle and the uniform thickness of the wall of the bottle, especially the sealing performance between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap, it can prevent the volatilization of the drug gas and the external gas in the plastic bottle. The permeation performance requirements of the bottle, so that the bottle is fully in line with the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. The State Drug Administration, as early as the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, proposed to use injection blow molding to produce high quality plastic medicine bottles. At present, China has imported more than 40 production lines of injection blow molding machines from abroad. The total production capacity is about 700 million per year.

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