Iron drum screen printing skills

In the photolithography method, a direct method can be used when manufacturing a printing plate with strong print resistance. The topics involved in the platemaking work include: how to accurately select the materials used in the making of the plate, such as the screen, the frame, and the photosensitive material, and how to grasp the bottom plate making, stretching, coating, printing, developing, light source, etc. . If you need a large quantity and require a certain quality, you need to use a printer.

When printing, ink is poured into one end of the screen plate, and the ink does not leak through the mesh hole on the surface of the steel drum without external force.

The initial process for the drum screen printing is the full manuscript.

Screen printing plate making is the basis of screen printing. If the plate making quality is not good, it is difficult to print a good quality product. According to these requirements, the accuracy of the printed pattern and the quality of the image are determined. Then choose the plate making method.

The basic principle of steel drum screen printing is: the screen mesh department mesh can penetrate the ink, missed the drum surface; the rest of the printing plate mesh blocked, can not pass ink, in the steel drum Vases form on the surface. The former is used in combination with patterns that are not as accurate as they can be drawn, and those that require high precision and exaggerated tone levels must be photolithographic. Therefore, in order to make a good screen board, it is necessary to accurately grasp the platemaking technology and strictly select plate-making materials for plate making according to the requirements of the plate making process. Taking silk screen as an example, its material is now an ideal elastic and recoverable nylon mesh, and its concave and convex surfaces can be printed. Due to the different textures of printed materials (some are printed on the film and some are directly printed on the galvanized sheet, etc.), the adhesion function of the ink is different, and care should be taken when selecting the appropriate drying method. Printing process and determine what printing materials should be used. When the ink is scraped with a squeegee blade at a certain inclination angle and pressure, the ink is transferred through the screen plate to the steel drum under the screen plate so as to realize the reproduction of the pattern.

For steel drums with a small number of prints and low print quality, manual printing is the most convenient. The troubles that arise in printing are often related to the improper selection of materials in plate making process technology and plate making. When high quality images are required, indirect platemaking is preferred.

The plate-making method that is now more commonly used is the photochemical platemaking method. Because the screen printing materials, quality, and appearance vary greatly, the types of presses are also numerous. This method has a poor image quality because the positive master plate clings to the photosensitive film of the screen during the printing. The plate making method uses a wire mesh as a support body to tightly stretch the wire mesh on the frame, and then coats the photo resist on the web to form a photosensitive plate. The positive plate is then tightly sealed on the plate and exposed. Developing, the printing plate does not need to receive the ink department to receive the light, forms the cured edition film, seals the mesh hole, when the printing does not penetrate the ink; The printing department needs the ink to pass the department mesh hole not to seal, when the printing ink passes in, Ink is formed on the surface of the drum. The methods of plate making can be roughly divided into two methods: manual excavation and platemaking and photolithography. At this point, the size, shape, position, number of prints, etc. of the drums should be clearly identified.

Screen printing is based on manuscripts. For steel drums, because they are used outdoors, the weather resistance of the ink should be particularly taken into consideration.

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