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Little knowledge: Guangzhou Yuanlong Advertising Co., Ltd. is a multi-functional, comprehensive and comprehensive professional advertising company integrating graphic design, film and television production, media agency and printing services.

Over the years, Yuan Long adhered to the concept of “creative promotion of everything” and provided a full range of services for numerous domestic and foreign star companies. It won numerous awards in the industry competition and became a powerful domestic local advertising company. "Advance, Value, Speeding" is the guideline of the company's services. The company follows the international advanced operating mechanism, gives full play to a blend of talented people, advanced equipment, familiarity with the national conditions, and international-oriented advantages, from market research, advertising planning, advertising creation, design production to Media publishing, advertisement evaluation, advertisement monitoring, promotion and public relations activities have implemented a one-stop full-service service, which has made advertising planning more targeted, advertising creative more original, media publishing more scientific, and advertising evaluation more effective. , so that our customers get a better service and a broader market. Guangzhou Yuanlong Advertising Co., Ltd. set up a photography center and a printing center in 1998 to integrate graphic creativity and printing technology and provide customers with more perfect services.

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The braille machine also called code machine, function is on the surface of the PVC card out outstanding letters and numbers, the PVC cards have a recognizable and unique.
There are two types of overhead machines in the market: manual and electric. Manual Embossing machine prices are cheaper, relatively simple to use, so small and medium-sized card units are manually convex machine, manual press word structure is reliable, accurate positioning, small size, beautiful appearance, easy to operate. Applicable to major shopping malls, entertainment, food and beverage centers, securities trading centers, banks, insurance and so on.

Card Embossing Machine

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