Printing ink suitability testing and method introduction (3)

Gravure printing ink performance testing

Gravure inks have a low viscosity and are close to Newtonian fluids with good fluidity. Gravure inks are tested in the same way as flexo inks.

When using a flexographic printability tester to test gravure ink, adjust the adaptability meter to a gravure state. The method is as follows: At the same time when the power is turned on, “ENTER” is displayed. After the power is turned on, a menu is displayed. Press 1 to select “Settings”, press 3 to confirm, and a menu appears. Select “Gravure mode”. Select “1” as gravure. Status, "0" is the flexo status; after selecting it, press 3 key to confirm, entering the printing state can be detected.

Source: hc360 Huicong Print Channel

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