Shaped bottle wine filling production line

Bottled white wine filling problems

For decades, the development of the liquor industry has led to changes in liquor packaging. Among them, all kinds of special-shaped bottle packaging has been favored by the majority of liquor production companies. Shaped bottle packaging not only improves the product quality of liquor in the market, but also plays a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. However, the use of special-shaped bottle packaging liquor makes white wine manufacturers face such a problem, that is, the problem of filling bottled white wine. Previously, special-shaped bottles for the liquor industry were basically filled by hand, but there were many problems with this filling method, such as low filling efficiency, poor sanitary conditions, poor labeling consistency, poor control of filling accuracy, and bottles. Water and gas residue, screw cap easy to scratch and other issues. One of the most deadly problems is the occurrence of leaks, which seriously affect the appearance of the product, thereby affecting the product's image and sales. At the same time, it also restricts the development of national industries and hinders the internationalization of national brands.

Guangfu's special-shaped bottle spirits filling line solved the problem of wine filling

Jinping Brand Co., Ltd., as a well-known liquor company in China, is also facing this problem. The company's “Jin Wine” uses the packaging of special-shaped bottles, so Jinpai Co., Ltd. has always hoped to find the right shaped bottle of liquor. Install the solution. Guangzhou Guangfu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. began to develop special-shaped bottle filling production lines for the special requirements of Jinjing in 2003, and in 2004 it provided the Jinpai company with a 8000-bottle/hour straight-line filling production line. With the joint efforts of the rich company's technical staff, this production line has been continuously improved and improved, and has obtained national patents in a number of technologies. In 2005, Jinpai introduced 3 8000 bottles/hour linear and 6 12,000 bottles/hour rotary special-shaped bottle automatic filling production lines, which basically achieved the modernization and automatic production of bottled special-shaped bottled liquor and fruit dew wine, and created domestic Liquor, fruit dew wine industry's precedent.

Guangfu's straight-line special-shaped bottle filling machine has set a new record for the filling speed of China's straight-line special-shaped bottles. The instant speed can reach 9,000 bottles/hour, and the final speed of the entire line can reach 8,000 bottles/hour. Before that, domestic straight-line liquors The maximum speed of shaped bottle filling machines is generally around 5,000 bottles/hour. Guangfu’s straight line shaped bottle filling machine adopts advanced technology such as double-spiral bottle dispensing, step-by-step row bottle, and no pressure change. The filling and bottle-opening, row-by-row bottle synchronization, effectively improving the speed of the filling process, so as to achieve the domestic leading level.

After adopting Guangfu's special-shaped bottle spirits filling line, Jinpai Co., Ltd. has basically realized the modernization and automatic production of bottled spirits in the production of Jinjiu liquor, greatly improving the production efficiency, and most importantly, plaguing the dewy liquor industry for many years. The problem of the hourglass has been well solved. In addition, the production line equipped with high-speed shaped bottle double-sided labeling machine makes the product has a flat labeling effect, which also makes the product image has been greatly improved.

The composition and advantages of the special bottle wine filling production line:

The filling production line is composed of equipments such as the upper bottle table, the insert bottle rinser, the filling machine (linear type, rotary type), the capping machine, the blow dryer, the special bottle labeling machine, and the case packing machine.
● The upper bottle table: It is the orderly delivery of shaped bottles into the conveyor belt, which effectively solves the problem of the low efficiency of using manual bottles. A more high-speed production line can use the wide bottle unloading machine.
● Rinse bottle machine: It can effectively solve the bottle washing machine covers an area of ​​large, large water consumption, the use of lye pollution of the environment, in line with China's establishment of "saving society, circular economy" requirements. Guangfu's plug-in type bottle rinser is original and will flush the bottle tip into the bottom of the shaped bottle for washing, effectively solving the problem of residual water affecting the degree of alcohol, and the bottle cleanliness after bottle flushing meets the health index requirements of GMP certification. The whole machine only needs one person to operate.
●Filling machine: It adopts a wide range of patented products - a new type of drip-proof filling valve for rapid filling, to solve the problem of drip leaking liquor and health wine industry for many years, of which 8000 bottles / hour linear filling machine to domestic The highest speed of linear filling equipment, 12,000 bottles/hour rotary filling and screw capping machine can effectively solve the problem of large occupied area of ​​traditional equipment.
● Capping machine: It adopts the capping head produced by the introduction of advanced French technology. The effect of capping the cap completely complies with stringent quality requirements and ensures the appearance quality of the product to the greatest extent. The capping machine of 8000 bottles/hour production line adopts pressure-free displacement conveying and tangential feeding, which effectively solves the problem of drinking caused by impact.
● Dryer: The bottles after capping are tested and blow-dried by Guangfu's patented dryer. Two sets of patented air knives are installed on the conveyor belt before the bottles are labeled. Wind source, blowing the bottle from top to bottom on both sides. It not only solves the problem of the quality of water carried outside the bottle, but also effectively guarantees the drying of the bottle before labeling.
●Introduction of advanced high-speed special-shaped bottle double-sided labeling machine produced by German technology: The labeling machine is equipped with double labeling station, and it adopts stainless steel brush roller and vulcanized rubber target plate. It is suitable for the labeling and backing of shaped bottles. The overall left and right translation error and pass rate have reached or exceeded the national standard. Effectively ensure that the product after labeling is beautiful and generous, the maximum degree of consistency of the label is reached, and the efficiency of hand-labeling of 8 people can be achieved by one person operating the equipment, resulting in huge economic benefits for the company.

The new special-shaped bottle filling production line developed by Guangfu Company has completely solved the problem of filling special-shaped bottles commonly used in liquor, health wine, wine and other products. The successful R&D of special-shaped bottle filling lines will greatly reduce the equipment of liquor in China. The gap with the advanced world level will also promote the development of these national industries and accelerate the internationalization of national brands.

At the end of 2005, four 8000 bottles/hour filling lines and six 12,000 bottles/hour filling lines produced by Guangfu Company will be put into production in Jinrui. By then, the production efficiency and product quality of Jinpai Healthcare Wine will be improved. On the basis of a substantial increase, the company will achieve greater economic and social benefits, and the strategic partnership between GFW and GRAND will be further deepened and extended.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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