Kelverforce pushes KIRION MDO equipment

It is understood that the company recently launched a new product, KIRION MDO (Machine Direction Orientation machine direction stretching) equipment. The device uses a number of innovative techniques to make the film uniaxially stretched, improving the properties of the blown or cast film in a very simple and effective way. Kiefer said that this KIRION MDO module integrating many innovative technologies will open up a whole new realm for film makers. Therefore, the film production and processing companies can also expand their products and business through the company's MDO equipment.

It is reported that the company's MDO production line helps plastics processing companies to reduce costs through a newer and more superior method in the international trend of reducing film thickness, so as to achieve a competitive advantage. If the film thickness is increased while the film hardness and strength are increased, uniaxial stretching can enhance the film's barrier properties to gas and water vapor. These advantages allow manufacturers to reduce the use of EVOH and nylon while reducing the use of additional materials or saving processing.

In addition, the optical properties of the transparency and gloss of the film can also be significantly improved. MDO stretched film products can be used in food packaging applications such as biscuits, snacks, cheese, meat, sausages and confectionery. The new MDO line can also be used to produce high-quality films such as standing bags, label films, shrink labels, and breathable films.

During the interview, Mr. Eberhard Wenger, MDO project manager of the company, said: “We are very happy to provide this innovative concept for the market. It is exciting that many customers have also joined our MDO project and proposed Their ideas and suggestions will allow them to benefit more from our equipment and experience."
The reporter was informed that the company will be exhibiting at the NPE Rubber and Plastics Show in Chicago, United States, this June.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

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