The Ink Balance Factors Affecting Offset Printing Journals - Blanket

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In the printing process of books and books, the various properties of the blanket itself, and the use and maintenance of the blanket, are directly related to the reproduction of the manuscript, and the printing capacity of the printing plate. It also determines the transfer effect of the ink and the quality of the book printing. Happening. When printing, it is best to choose a blanket that is uniform in thickness, free from scratches, creases on the surface, and has good surface texture. It is recommended that the printing plant should use the air-cushion blanket cloth on the machine to maintain good ink absorption and good ink transfer during the printing process. When printing, depending on the smoothness of the paper surface, the tightness of the surface of the paper, and the condition of ink absorption, the surface of the blanket is kept clean, and the printing dust such as paper powder and paper stuffing on the surface of the blanket is cleaned in time to prevent the surface of the blanket. The dirt and printing waste accumulated too thick, and the rubber layout part was pressed and deformed due to roller compaction during printing. As a result, the printed book prints and texts were printed due to local ink pressure, and the prints were talked to affect the balance of ink in the books and periodicals. . Under normal circumstances, the blanket is slightly under pressure, the imprinting is imaginary, and it is better to use a rubber reducing agent to restore the blanket. If the frontal effect is not ideal, take the open area of ​​the blanket and rub it with reducing agent from the back. This works well, for the site of severe pressure reduction is invalid, paste to be accurate, as far as possible with glue and thin paste is not easy to thick, it is necessary to make up the patch can not be raised, otherwise the dark part of the raised part is also easy to wear off the version. In order to prevent the appearance of conjunctival crystallization and cracking on the surface of the blanket, the blanket should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained from time to time to restore the blanket's good elasticity and good ink absorption to complete the best pattern transfer printing. process. Only in this way can the occurrence of aging of the blanket be slowed down and the consistency of the ink color in the printing of books and periodicals can be guaranteed.

Hard Cover PU Cover Notebook

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