Jinkou Norton launches transparent film multi-function cassette packaging machine

Jiangsu Jinkou Norton Machinery Co., Ltd. launched the NTQ-2005 packaging machine' target = _blank> transparent film multi-function box type packaging machine. The device's production speed can reach 150-180 bottles per minute and is widely used in food, medicine, daily cosmetics and audio-visual products and other industries.

According to Fei Zhongcai, an engineer of the company's engineering department, currently the main cutting membrane is wind-cut, and the speed can reach 20,000 bottles/hour; foreign countries can reach 30,000 bottles/hour. The biggest difficulty in developing high-speed packaging is to change the existing intermittent heat-shrinkable package to continuous one. At present, domestic products are mainly based on low speed; Norton will develop high-speed shrink packaging machines in the second half of this year.

Source of information: pack.cn

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