Multiple-sealable flexible bags

This technology is a major innovation in the existing packaging technology and can effectively solve the problem that packaging is not easy to re-seal after dismantling. By installing a sealing strip or a sealing rod at the mouth of the bag, after the first tearing or cutting of the opening, it is not necessary to use a tool to open and seal it many times, and the powder in the bag is not spilled after sealing, and the gas is not leaked. The effect is safe. reliable. This technology can be applied to soft packaging bags made of various materials such as paper, plastic, and film. It can be used both to improve existing product packaging and also to produce new packaging bags. Due to the convenience provided to consumers, sales of the packaged goods will certainly be greatly promoted. The additional cost is low and the processing technology is simple and easy. There is no need to update the existing packaging machines, but only need to add additional feeding devices on the basis of existing equipment.

Air Bag For Lamps                                    
Product description:                                    
  1. Column air bags are suitable for all lamps in the market.                                    
  2. The air bags are made of 5 or 7 layers PE/PA films with the thickness of 60-100um. More layers film is                                    
      available according to the requirement of clients.                                    
      Film thickness: 0.05~0.1mm                                    
      Size of tube(Before/After inflatable):  2cm/1.4cm, 3cm/2cm, 4cm/3cm, 6cm/4.5cm, 9cm/7cm                                    
      Maximum air pressure :  ~12psi                                    
      Practical air pressure : ~8psi    --  ~10psi                                    
Product Feature:                                    
  1. High-quality PE+PA film, sturdy and durable, and high air tightness. More reliable protective performance.                                    
  2. Basic materals are tested by SGS to the completely free of any heavy metals. Non-toxic after burring and                                    
      meeting airtight, mositure proof and friendly environmental characteristics. Best alternative to Styrofoam,                                     
      EPE and paper pulp in this century.                                    
  3. The air column cushion packaging bag itself has following advantages, becaust it uses inert gases to                                     
      achieve close-fit shaping for products: (1)Low cost(2)Space saving(3)Recyclable(4)Pollution-free                                    
      (5)Simplification of packaging process and labor cost saving                                     

Air Bag For Lamps

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