New PVC wood plastic composite material widely used for recycling

Traditional wood products have the disadvantages of perishable, non-durable, bacteria-prone, acid-proof and flame-retardant. The new PVC wood-plastic composite material developed by Fujian Southeast Electrochemical Company not only made up for the deficiencies of traditional wood products, but also was 100% recyclable and is expected to have a great market.

This new type of PVC wood-plastic composite material is produced by compounding the PVC resin and plant fibers produced by the company. In addition to the above characteristics, it also has the advantages of low cost. It can be used for a wide range of applications such as siding, room dividers, building forms, noise barriers for highways, combined pallets and storage racks for packaging and logistics, and open-air building materials for residential and commercial applications.

In addition, this new type of PVC wood-plastic composite material has recently passed the "National Plastic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center" test.

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