Assess whether the carton meets the standard - anti-pressure and stacking test (3)

How to correctly and effectively assess whether carton anti-stress or stacking test results meet the standards

Due to the fact that the resistance to pressure or stacking test results has certain equivalence, using anti-stress analysis can help us understand better.

Due to the limitations and requirements of test conditions and work efficiency, most manufacturers usually test carton pressure resistance under normal temperature and humidity conditions and directly assess whether the product meets the requirements. In fact, the use of this method to assess the existence of a large risk of misjudgment often misleads the supplier in the evaluation of the carton or leads to the loss of the carton pack.

In the case of relatively large humidity conditions in the south, if the anti-pressure strength of the non-standard state test can meet the safety and anti-pressure standards, it means that the carton is in full compliance with the requirements, and the design of the carton is also in line with the requirements if the strength of the tested carton fails. There are two possibilities for achieving safety and pressure resistance standards:

â–  Carton design and production meet the requirements â–  Carton design and production do not meet the requirements.

It should be noted that in the case of low humidity conditions in the north, non-standard; good state test results are often higher than the safety and compression requirements, but does not mean that it meets the standard; éš¹, especially in long-distance logistics conditions, maritime conditions Under high humidity, non-standard test results should be considered to reflect this factor in the design, otherwise the resulting risks will be difficult to avoid. Therefore, it is very important to correctly evaluate the results of product testing.

Process and basic methods

â–  Determine the carton safety and pressure resistance standards.

Both of the above indicators can be obtained through formulas, and the determination of the indicators can be different depending on the domestic and foreign sales and the storage period. Under special circumstances, if the carton is supported by contents, the appropriate pressure resistance index value can be determined according to the actual situation. The weight quality index must be determined by the formula.

â–  Detection pretreatment love

The carton is preconditioned for 24 hours under standard test conditions (normal carton users can be tested by an authoritative fair testing agency unconditionally) and then tested again to make the moisture in the carton reach dynamic equilibrium.

Sample extraction considerations

a During trial production of new products, the sample sample printing and die-cutting processes differ from the non-printing and die-cutting strength by about 5% to 20%. Therefore, the state of the sample and the batch product should be kept basically the same:

b. The sampling of batch products should meet the principle of statistical probability. After many years of practical experience, the sample sample should be taken from different 3 packs of cattle, which can reduce the risk of misjudgment.

â– Result determination

If the carton strength value is lower than the anti-pressure indicator, it can be determined that the lottery box is unqualified.

(to be continued)

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